Episode 04/S2: Tim Cresswell: On Place, Mobility & Poetry

In this episode, two of our fellows, Jessica Balling and Nina Welters sit down for a stimulating conversation with Tim Cresswell, who holds the Oglivie Char of Geography at the University of Edinburgh. Together, they follow Tim´s personal and academic journey and shed a particular light on the development of his research interests in place and mobility. A sneak preview of his forthcoming book “The citizen and the vagabond – towards politics of mobility” opens up discussions about the relevance of rhythm and disruption in these processes. From the various aspects of politics and power that shape the (re)production and (re)configuration of places and mobilities, the trio draws links to more-than-human and postcolonial approaches. Ending on a more personal note, Tim Cresswell offers insights into how poetry, wordplay and creativity have inspired his academic writing and teaching, always aiming at bringing fun and passion to and through his work.

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