Episode 02/S1: Social Movements

Join your hosts for this episode, Sabine Aretz and Gustavo Gutierrez who will tackle the theme of “Where social movements take place”.

In the first section, Gustavo talks to Daniela Gutierrez, a Ph.D. Student and researcher at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, about the practices of the social movements and protests practices that took place in Chile and in Colombia since 2019. We then turn to Sabine in the second segment, who is joined by Johanna Lederer (a PhD candidate and fellow of the GraKo) and Nicole Schneider (research assistant at KU Eichstätt) to discuss literature and artistic practices as the places of a social movement. The conversation focuses on Indigenous activism and recent movements in the US like Black Lives Matter, MeToo, or Occupy Wall Street.

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