“Practicing Place” Welcomes 10 New Doctoral Students

In April 2024, ten new doctoral students started their journey at “Practicing Place.” In the course of a campus tour, a structured onboarding, and our official Welcome Day we introduced them to the KU and our staff!

On April 3, we kicked things of with a campus tour guided by our student assistant Chantel Anderson and our coordinator Ulla Stackmann. They showed the new fellows our offices, the KU’s libraries, buildings, and cafeteria. This was their first introduction to the work environment in which they will research their PhD projects for the next three years. A week later, Ulla explained the structure of “Practicing Place,” administrative procedures, and tasks for our new PhDs during their onboarding. Planning research stays, guest lectures, and conferences were among the most significant items on the agenda.

After the onboarding, we hosted a Welcome Day for our new fellows to connect them with cooperating institutions at the KU. David Guevara and Anna Marcos from the International Office joined us as well as Daniel Romic, Tobias Holischka and Magdalena Schönweitz from the Research Service Center (ZFF). We were also delighted that some fellows from our first cohort joined us to welcome their successors. The event was a great opportunity to get to know each other and chat over tea, coffee, and cake. Our old and new fellows discussed their projects and shared insights. We look forward to three exciting years with our new fellows!


Welcome Day "Practicing Place" 2024
Our team and guests at the Welcome Day